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We are the Premier Cleaning Company in UAE are known for delivering flawless commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services at competitive price. Our team is highly professional and friendly

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These are just some of the reasons I use them. I have a child who is on the very high functioning autism spectrum, so we are very much aware of chemicals in the environment. He is also prickly about change, and they just bend over backwards to clean his room in a respectful way without disrupting his “projects” and books. If his bed is moved two inches, he notices. I broke up with other cleaning companies for many reasons, but the big ones were inconsistency, wear and tear on my home, missed appointments at inopportune times, and inflexibility with product use. All these issues were solved by clean & green.

Ibrahim Liaquat

The same cleaner is in my home each time (we love him!!!) He is so kind and respectful to our animals and my children

christy rose

They use the same cleaning products I use, and love. and communication with clients is the best

Shiekh Abdullah

I will say the cost is a little bit more than some other cleaners out there, but truly, this is a situation where you truly get what you pay for and then some. I am very pleased to recommend them to you without hesitation. And no, I don’t own stock in the company.”

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We pride ourselves on providing a service that focuses on your end-user. This, alongside our high-level of expertise and commitment as well as our outstanding value for money, makes us your first choice for cleaning services.

Clean & Green

Our premium cleaning staff are professional and trustworthy. They deliver quality work. Book now and get  Special Discount on the first booking | Premium  Services anywhere in Dubai

" We know what your stuff values to you. "


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