professional couch cleaning cost
Couch cleaning prices

Couch cleaning prices

Relaxing and comfortable moments take place on your couch and sofa in front of the television. But in every house so many things happen to your sofa and couch, the couch absorbs dirt quickly, food particles, liquid stains, pet hair, grime dust, or other dust contaminants which take to fungus and bacteria growth.  

This bacteria growth and mold can cause serious health problems, especially respiratory diseases. To stop these infections, it is important to choose regular sofa cleaning services.

Couch cleaning prices are between 200 AED to 300 AED but that is not a fixed price because it is based on the size of the sofa and couch.

Couch cleaning services

There are times when carpet-shampooing companies which are local will provide extremely less pricing when the economy zone out. and you should always take full advantage of these kinds of situations. This will naturally allow you to clean the furnishings in the living room for the couch cleaning prices. also, if you have your carpets which clean at the same time. you can arrange even more discounts as long as you are not financially stable. We have high operating costs, especially with accountability and commercial vehicle insurance. they have to make a mild profit to just survive. So, keep that in mind when you are trying to beat down your final cost. 

different types of couches are more popular than others. like leather couches are popular because leather creates an air of wealth. Couch cleaning prices are more than their fabric complement and they just look rich and flexible.

Water stain on leather couch

Water stain on leather couch


Water stains on leather couches can be a hard problem to get a fix. Even after marks had time to resolve and lighten up, the mark off of your stain will stick with severe ferocity. We are going to help you end your leather water stain and set your leather back in a normal way.

The best natural remedy is to get rid of the water stain on leather couch before it has time to set. Grab a clean, soft cloth and soak in as much water as you can. It is important to press here, not wipe. Wiping the stains of the water pushes it further into your leather, making it harder to get out. Let the water absorb. do not apply heat on a couch or set it in sunlight to dry it faster. Heating the leather has the effect of shrinking the leather, which is something you don’t want.

Water stain on leather couch

Dry spots on leather couch

 If the water stain on leather couch gets dry it will be more difficult to get rid of. There are some things you can do in this situation. You could try a little wetting a lint-free cloth and barely wetting the leather surface of the couch junction from the water stain to the edge. This will help the stain to come out evenly with the rest of the leather as you dry it out again with the cloth. This solution is advisable for suede and other unfinished leather that cannot be properly healed by repeatedly cleaning it with a brush. Still, you can risk darkening your leather couch this way, so ensure to be very careful with the water you use on your leather couch.

How to remove water stain from leather

That leather couch is probably the most expensive piece of furniture in your home; so, what do you do if you spill water or any liquid thing on it? Water can simply be washed away if it is cleaned immediately after the spill, but old water spills will need to be put together from the center of the area which has been stained with a cloth.

Simply follow these steps to remove a water stain on leather couch:

  1. First Test the water. Always test on a small, unnoticeable area of the leather first. That way, if the solution does not work or even creates more mess, it would not be easily seen.
  2. Wipe up the water. If you spill water on your leather couch or furniture and can clean it immediately, wipe it up with a soft and gentle white cloth.

 3. Remove old stains. Water that has been left to dry on the couch may leave a stain behind. This need  you to remove the stain from the surrounding area. You can do so by wetting a soft white cloth with water and wiping it out from the center of the stained area. Be soft as you wipe and use drier areas of the cloth as you work out to remove the stain.

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