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After a long hectic day, all you want to do is to rush onto the bed and lay down on the pillow. Because it is the most comfortable place in your house. Your family, kids, and friends, deserve to have a clean and tidy environment. We value your healthy living by making sure a clean and safe premise.

Mattresses and pillows are the most useful thing in your room that contains various kinds of dust, dirt, sand, outdoor bacterias, food items, allergens,  drinks, etc. That is why a healthy family always makes sure to clean their pillow and mattresses once every six months. Mattress and pillow cleaner helps you to clean.

Tips to keep your mattress and pillow cleaner

We know some tips to keep your mattress and pillow cleaner. They are as follows:

  • Remove pillow and bed covers

                First of all, you need to start by taking apart the bed sheets and sofa covers. You are supposed to remove the cover for the mattress, and pillows, and the bed should be left with nothing on it. For the pillow, you should remove all the pillow covers and remove any item that fell in not on purpose regarding their instructions.

  • Vacuum pillow and mattress

       Once your pillow and mattress are free from any coverings and opened up, you need to vacuum them. Vacuuming the pillow and mattress is the most important step, and you should do it often.  mattress and pillow cleaner play an important part in our lives.

  • Remove stains from pillow and mattress

             if you have stains that are not easy to remove on your washable fabric pillow, use an upholstery shampoo. mark out all the stains until they go away by wetting a cloth or sponge with the shampoo.

  • Disinfect your pillow and mattress

               When you are done cleaning the mattress or pillow completely, you need to use a disinfecting solution. Use a sponge or cloth to sanitize the bed or the pillow for disinfection. It helps in killing any germ that is on the pillow or mattress. At last mattress and pillow cleaner provide you with a new look for your mattress or pillow.

Bed mattress cleaning services near me

How to keep your mattress and pillow fresh

The best way to keep your mattress and pillow fresh and stain-free is by covering it with a removable mattress cover that you wash regularly or cleaning it with a mattress and pillow cleaner. For people who have allergies, covering the mattress and mattress protector is one of the most important ways to keep dust mites and other irritants from gathering. These should be washed regularly

foam mattress cleaning service

Foam mattress cleaning service

On your bed mattress, you have stains, bugs, hairs, and dead skin cells. A mattress is a hotbed of all types of mites and germs. Also, the indoor air circulation in homes is much less making your mattress even more unsafe for all types of irritant attacks. 

If you do not believe how dirty your bed mattress can be, you can do a simple test at home that will open your eyes. If you have a vacuum cleaner, take off your beddings and run the vacuum cleaner all over the mattress. Now take a look inside the canister and you will come to know that the place that you sleep on was the dirtiest in your home. foam mattress cleaning service can solve your problem. This problem will be solved with regular mattress cleaning. You should also clean your mattress professionally twice a year. This is a common service that most cleaning services would provide.


Foam mattress cleaning service at an affordable rate

Because of the lack of space and good air circulation, cleaning the mattress on your own is a complicated task. We at Justlife offer foam mattress cleaning service at an affordable rate.

  • Special treatment of mattress cleaning equipment is used to clean the mattress.
  • A powerful vacuum cleaner is then used to cut off 99 percent of dust and also kill the mites, bacteria, and other viruses in the mattress.
  • In case the mattress has many stains or spots. A spot is sprayed onto the mattress to push the stain and clean it. The warm water pulled-out process is then done to remove the stains.
  • A disinfectant is sprayed on the mattress to kill the germs and disinfect the mattress. This is non-scented bacteria and can wipe out smells on the mattress.

Tips to help mattress last longer

Foam Mattress Cleaning service helps your foam last longer.

  1. Follow the production recommendations on the frequency of flipping the mattress. Some mattresses with pillow tops, should not be flipped. 
  2. Make sure the mattress is properly supported with the basis. Foam mattresses usually need solid support while traditional mattresses do.
  3. Be sure that the bed frame of the bed is solid enough to hold the mattress properly. 
  4. Wash bed sheets weekly
  5. Keep your pets away from the bed.
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