Bed mattress cleaning services near me
foam mattress cleaning service

Mattress stain cleaning service

Humans spend almost a third of their lives asleep. and in all households washing bed sheets and pillowcases is a regular part of a cleaning routine. These areas collect dust, bacteria, mites even mildew and molds. Mattress stain cleaning service removes all the soil and increases it through various methods.

Clean sleep transforms the process with its moveable tools and eco-friendly chemical-free cleaning materials. The cleaning process almost takes 15 minutes which mattress stain cleaning service removes bacteria, dust mites, odors, and even bed bugs from the mattress using a lot of different solutions. UCV light blocks germs and a powerful vacuum removes debris. Clean sleep also put in a low moisture cleaning solution by using dry steam to deep clean the dirty mattress. Also, we take out moisture and sanitize it with heat before off-set any odors that remain.

How to clean mattress stain

Before you spot a clean mattress. remember to dab up as much of the liquid as you can on the stain. scrubbing and wiping too much could spread your stain. Use a sponge or cloth instead of paper towels which can fall apart. Do not make your mattress too much-wet take special care of it. then vacuum your stain to remove the dirt and dust, which will make it easier for you to clean it. When disaster hits, put your bed sheets in cold water. because hot water will set any stains that you have not successfully dabbed off.

Bed mattress cleaning services near me

mattress stain cleaning service

There are so many stain services including mattress stain cleaning service.

foam mattress cleaning service

Wet stains

If you see any water or liquid stain on the bed in the morning you immediately need to clean it from the mattress by following tips:


  • Take 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide and mix 3 spoons of baking soda and a few drops of liquid into it. until the powder dissolves and makes a thick paste.
  • put into a spray bottle, put on the stain, and let it be there for at least an hour
  • Cover the stain with baking soda, vacuum it up after 8 to 10 hours, and repeat if you still see a stain, but the odor should have been gone.


Blood stains

Bloodstain on the mattress is the most uncomfortable and tough stain, you need to clean blood as fast as possible. But make sure to use cold water, because warm water will help to set the stain permanently

  • Spray or dab the blood stain with three percent of hydrogen peroxide and mark with a clean cloth until the stain is gone.
  • Also, try lemon juice on the stain to remove it.

Stubborn stains

Do not lose hope once a stain is dry off the chance of removing it is stacked against you. But you can try to remove it by taking a mattress stain cleaning service or by renting a steam carpet cleaner to spot stains and clean your mattress

Urine stains

If you have pets or children you will have to deal with urine on your foam mattress. Kids sometimes get out of control and urine on the mattress while sleeping also pets. When urine is soaked it looks so unpleasant to look and the odor of it is so bad. One of the most common mattress problems people face is a mattress soaked with urine. You may completely get rid of the liquid part but if the odor stays it disappoints you. Also, it is very important to get rid of this problem seriously because it will cause germs and bacteria.  Mattress stain cleaning service is necessary to take in this situation.

Coffee or tea stains

Hot coffee is compulsory and great to sip on a lazy Sunday morning while we lounging on our beds. It feels great until you find the coffee so hot and spill accidentally everywhere including your mattress and clothes. The very first thing you have to do is to treat your burn which happens when coffee falls and then wipe it off from your mattress by using tissue paper, cotton, or a towel. And make sure to clean the coffee or tea stains immediately.

If you want your mattress to get new we provide you mattress stain cleaning service which will help you to get rid of all types of stains and make your mattress smells fresh again.

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