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Carpets, like our clothes, require frequent cleaning to keep fresh and clean. One of the primary things that shortens the life of your carpet is the collection of grit and grime, thus it must be cleaned on a regular basis. Furthermore, filthy carpets can serve as a breeding ground for harmful mites and germs, aggravating or causing health issues. Why not consider frequent carpet cleaning before replacing your carpet or incurring medical expenses for yourself or your family? You can search online chem dry carpet cleaning near me or contact directly to the carpet cleaning services.

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Types of carpet cleaning use by our professionals:

Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, also known as carpet steam cleaning, uses high-pressured hot water to stir the carpet fibers and dissolve debris. Cleaning using hot water extraction normally entails applying a cleaning product to the contaminated area, agitating the carpet with a brush, and then rinsing.

                 After allowing the cleaning agent to set in the carpet for a short period of time, the carpet will be “washed” using carpet cleaning supplies to thoroughly rinse the cleaning agent before being dried in a room or at an air conditioned temperature.

Cleaning a 1500 sq. ft. carpeted office takes roughly 1 hour, and drying takes at least 2 hours. Most cleaning firms recommend having the carpet cleaned in the mid evening so that it can dry overnight and the office may resume normal operations the next morning.

Shampooing Carpet

Shampoo carpet cleaning was common until the late 1960s, when encapsulation technology was launched. While shampooing a carpet may appear to clean steam cleaning carpets, the technology’s disadvantages – leaving a large amount of moisture foam residues in the rug that takes a very long time to dry, has become slippery when it gets dry because no thoroughly rinsed is done after shampooing, and relatively fast of carpet – make it less popular than other carpet cleaning


Synthetic detergents are used as a basis for foam encapsulation, and when dry, they crystallize into powder form. When the administered cleaning foam dries, loose dirt particles in rug fiber will be trapped into powder, and then vacuumed or swept when the foaming dries after cleaning.

                   When compared to carpet shampooing, the foam encapsulating cleaning technique has surpassed carpet shampooing since it consumes less water throughout the cleaning process, resulting in a faster drying time. Those that promote utilizing environmentally friendly products have given the thumbs up to foam encapsulation cleaning because it leaves less chemical residue behind after cleaning than carpet shampooing.

Although encapsulating carpet cleaning has showed good cleaning results, due to technological limitations, this cleaning approach has not been able to effectively remove heavy soiling carpets.

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    Cleaning Bonnets

    The method of cleaning the top section of the carpet fiber with an industrial strength motorized machine with a rotating pad that has been submerged in cleaning agent to absorb dust from the carpet top produces good surface cleaning results.

                  Bonneting is common in hotels because it provides a quick fix option for cleaning carpet in high-traffic public areas that require rug to be cleansed without a lot of wetness and to dry rapidly so that hotel guests are not inconvenienced. Because bonneting doesn’t really thoroughly clean a carpet, dirt from beneath it rises to the surface in a short amount of time, leading the carpet to become filthy again quickly.  

                 Bonneting also causes chemical residue to accumulate in the carpet, since the heavy machine’s pressure on the rotating pad pushes the applied solution and any remaining debris into the carpet.

    Carpet Cleaning (Dry)

    Dry carpet cleaning, also known as compound washing, is a relatively new cleaning technology that has garnered rising popularity and approval from leading carpet manufacturers due to its effective cleaning development and lack of drying time.

                 Since the invention of dry carpet cleaning technique in the late 70’s, a plethora of cleaning compounds and powders have been produced. Many people are skeptical about the efficiency of this cleaning technique because it is pretty recent compared to other traditional wet carpet cleaning procedures that have been recognized and utilized for decades.

    ’I started my own little carpet and upholstery cleaning business. I’ve done it for 20 years. I live well.’’ Tommy Kirk.

    Foam Carpet Cleaning

    This is another effective option. It essentially mixes a small amount of the shampoo process with the dry cleaning solution. The carpet is cleaned using a cleansing solution and a modest amount of water. Like the powder in a drying carpet cleaning method, the cleansing foam is designed to attract dirt, dust, and hazardous fibers.

                It works its way thru the carpet, then extracts the foam, as well as all of the dirt and dust motes it has collected. Given the nature of the froth and the vacuum, this procedure works best on tougher carpet.


              As carpet cleaning services, Hot water extraction is our preference we’ve conquered the biggest concern with slow drying by using other methods of drying. When we’re done with our hot water extraction and it will also use air movers and speed dryers to make your carpet dry to the touch when we leave generally. Visit our social media pages for more information, new product information, and discounts.

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